Chickens Come Home To Roost

“Support beef, run over a chicken.”

Bumper stickers bearing that message were circulated years ago when poultry started infringing on beef consumption. Media mention isn’t given now, but most people like eating chicken in a variety of forms. Despite not being a member of that group, we’ve had our share of experiences with those fowl.

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Action Necessary Now To Preserve Prairie Chickens

Our favorite bird may soon be extinct.

Signs have been apparent for several years, but news stories have confirmed it, much to our disgust. Fascination of prairie chickens for us goes back before we could even carry a real gun hunting. We were up with Dad and Uncle Don in milo stalk fields before light, armed with our play rifle, waiting for the ‘chickens to fly in for feed.

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Day For New Pastures Has Arrived

Grass time is here.

Some of those ole cows think it’s been this calendar date for the past three weeks. Winter stomping grounds are out of feed, other than what’s hauled in, but it sure has been luscious right through the fence. Once the old hay is licked up, or just scavenged for the best bits, mama and the kids head right to the barrier for the green on the other side.

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