Summer Days Always Best For Making Hay

Make hay when the sun shines.

That common saying is a logical one too, except for those folks who bale at night or in damp conditions “to save the leaves.” Still, most hay is harvested on summer’s hottest and sunniest days. Hay is a cowboy’s crop, other than calves and colts, because livestock needs hay when housed out of pasture or grass becomes extinct.

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Grand Ole School Days Basis For Lifetime Of Learning

First day of school is the beginning of the best days of the rest of a person’s life.

We were reminded of that with the “so early” start of school. Ours always began either the day before or the day after Labor Day, except for one year, and we know for certain, the first one half day of school was on Labor Day. We remember it specifically because Mom and Dad picked us up at noon, and we went to see our uncle in Wichita.

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