Easter The Greatest Of All Days

Church pews will be fuller April 8, than on any other Sunday of the year.

Rightfully so, as people recognize and celebrate the greatest day of all eternity.

Sad part of the glorious Easter will be that the next weekend, church attendance will approach an all time low. Likewise, church attendance increases during the Christmas season, and it is always record low the following week.

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Saint Patrick’s Day More Than Green Celebration

Of all the stories and conversation about the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day, not one we’ve seen or heard refers to why there’s really a celebration. Other than it’s potato planting time, and the grass is turning green.

Many are looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Plenty are hoping to pick a lucky shamrock. Several are selecting a green outfit to wear to prevent that teasing pinch. A number are preparing for participation in or watching a parade. Those with musical inclination might be practicing an Irish song. A few are even planning a special cabbage dinner. Plenty have great anticipation for the green beer. But ask anybody why they’re actually celebrating, and only blank looks will likely
be the response.

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