Sowing Time Upon Us In More Ways Than One

Wheat sowing is going full steam ahead in the “Breadbasket of the World.”

All time high prices point to record plantings in the wheat state, producer of nearly one-fifth of all wheat grown in the United States.  World production is down, and prices at Kansaselevators have been recorded at all time highs of over $8.65 a bushel. That’s sharply above the $5 market a year ago.

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Strength Of Horses Remains Through All Seasons

A horse is all we ever wanted.

While classmates pleaded for a new ball glove or a BB gun, that was not so with us. We wanted a horse from the first time we can remember. We’d ride every broom as if it were a horse, set across the end of the divan imagining it was our horse, and bounce the springs on the rocking horse such that Grandma warned us they were going to break.

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Parades Are Glorious Affairs

Saddle up the horses, let’s go ride in the parade.

Something about a parade that’s always made our heart skip a beat. Photographs indicate our first parade was in conjunction with the ‘54 Territorial Celebration, but we sure remember leading our dog, Gal, in several pet parades a few years later. Once we got a quarter for her being the fattest entry. We always wanted to ride a horse in the parades.

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Best Water Doesn’t Come In A Bottle

Where’s the canteen on his saddle?

Whatever happened to the well curb cup? Or the gallon glass jug wrapped with a gunny sack? For that matter, where did the insulated Thermos decanter go? Wonder if anybody can remember bending over and using their hand as a cup to get a cool, fresh drink of  water out of a pasture spring? Do folks even know what a glass of water is?

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