Being On Time Important

” What time is it?”

Mrs. Groom, our second grade teacher, asked when we were in the fourth grade during an all school assembly, as we were seated with our legs crossed in the chair. We quickly unfolded our legs and sat up square, feet on the floor.

She repeated the question: “What time is it?” Originally thinking we were being reprimanded for typical poor habits, we then quickly looked at our wristwatch and responded.

Obviously, we had a watch, and our teacher didn’t that day, but we can’t remember when we got our first watch. Likewise over the years, we’ve had several watches, but can’t remember anything special about most. Actually, we haven’t had all that many, because much of our life, we’ve not carried a watch.

That’s peculiar since we’ve always been on a tight time frame, but an excuse for always being late. Like our elementary teacher, we frequently asked another what time it was, or have depended on car or wall clocks.

However, we have had four memorable watches in 63 years. The most important one we’ve never used, but it’s right by our desk in a display canister. The pocket watch was given to Dad by his mom, our grandma, for Christmas many years ago, and we’re so proud to have it now.

Another pocket watch was received as a gift that we used several years, although sadly we can’t find it. Dad also had an inexpensive wristwatch as did Aunt Luvella; we inherited both timepieces, and did wear them out.

Computers and cellphones have clocks, which we’ve been using lately. But, we can’t see our cellphone time in bright sunlight and always wonder how long before the horseshow’s going to start.

Unable to find a wristwatch in town, we looked at several hundred in the city shopping center, and finally picked out an eight dollar one. Like a little kid with a new toy, the old cowboy had to show it all around, but there’s no excuse for being late now.

Reminds us of the advice from Ecclesiastes 11:6: “Go to work in the morning and stick to it until evening without watching the clock.” Yet, more importantly, First Corinthians 7:29: “Time is of essence. There is no time to waste.”  Because, First Timothy 6:14: “He’ll show up right on time.”