‘Rawhide Processor’ Portable Corral System To Be Demonstrated At Saturday Open House

The pioneer in portable corral cattle handling system continues to make improvements in his offering of processing equipment.

“I built the first hydraulic portable corral in 2002, and we’ve been manufacturing, designing and continuing to make improving updates and changes on our one-of-a kind cattle processing systems ever since,” said John McDonald of the Rawhide Portable Corral System at Abilene.

Cattlemen will have an opportunity to examine the Rawhide Processer by John McDonald up close, see exactly where and how it’s made, and discuss operation with the designer- manufacturer at the Rawhide Portable Corral System Open House this Saturday.

Up to 500 cattle can be handled in the New Rawhide Processor by John McDonald, but there are other sizes of the portable corral available, too. An open house is planned Saturday, Oct 19, at the Rawhide Portable Corral System plant in Abilene for cattlemen to examine all of the unique features offered by the cattle handling system.
“We are extending a special invitation to the open house, October 19, at our plant located at 900 North Washington Street in Abilene, starting a 10 o’clock in the morning to 3 o’clock in the afternoon,” welcomed Mary McDonald, an important part of Rawhide Portable Corral System.

“There will be plant tours so cattlemen can learn exactly how ‘Rawhides’ are built, along with demonstrations of multiple systems of corrals,” Mary said.

“We’ll have a complimentary lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs, plus those attending the open house can sign up for a drawing to have free use of a Rawhide Portable Corral for six months,” John added.

Basically, the New Rawhide Processor has hydraulic transport wheels that raise and lower with the flip of a switch. Set-up time is fast requiring just 10-minutes, saving labor, and the electric over hydraulic jack makes no lifting necessary.

Available in three difference sizes, the entire system can be pulled at highway speed by a pickup loaded with a big round bale and through driven completely through any gate a pickup fits through.

The New Rawhide Processor by John McDonald features hydraulic transport wheels that can be raised and lowered with the flip of a switch, so they don’t have to be removed. Rawhide Portable Corral System plans an open house Saturday, Oct. 19, at the plant located at 900 North Washington Street in Abilene.
Constructed of durable equipment with much longer life than most livestock panels, the system features a pinning system allowing stability on uneven terrain, with all panels capable of working like gates.

“There is a 15 amp solar panel as standard equipment on all models so cattlemen have an electric power source wherever it’s needed,” John said.

“Equipment can be added or moved around the system, and we have a number of options available to fit individual operator’s needs and requests,” John emphasized.

Information is available www.rawhideportable corral.com.