Flint Hills & Cowboy Culture Theme For Paxico First Friday Two-Day Antique And Art Walk

So successful was the initial Paxico First Friday Antique and Art Walk, another has already been scheduled, and it’s coming up this weekend, with even more added attractions than the first, actually two-day affair.

“We had a large attendance and wide participation in March, so the Paxico Merchants Association decided to have another Paxico First Friday Two-Day Antique And Art Walk, Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 5th,” announced Larry Winkler, secretary-treasurer of the Association, and with his wife, Peg, owner of two antique shops at Paxico.

While the March event had a renowned antique appraiser come to town and appraise antiques brought in by people from a wide area, this weekend has been  themed and titled “The Kansas Flints Hills & Cowboy Culture.”

“It seems quite appropriate to have such attractions, because Paxico is right in the heart of the Flint Hills with cowboys and cattle operations always being key to the ranching community,” Winkler said.

However, despite the special weekend promotional interests, the most important thing about Paxico is the antique shops. “We have six downtown antique shops, which will be open both days, along with the Prairie Ghost Gallery, featuring art and western wear,” Winkler clarified.

A western-themed flea market is planned in a vacant downtown Paxico building from 9 a.m., to 8 p.m. Friday, and 9 a.m., to 5 p.m., Saturday, same hours the antique shops are open.

“We still have ample booth space for rent to those who’d like to display their wares, but already we have reservations for a wide selection of antiques, collectibles and art exhibits which will be set up at the Corner of Main and Newbury in Paxico,” Winkler said.

Known as the Original Kansas Cowboy Minstrel, Zerf will entertain with songs and stories of the Wild Kansas frontier during the Paxico First Friday Antique and Art Walk, April 4. Additional events for the Wabaunsee County community’s Kansas Flint Hills & Cowboy Culture program continue on Saturday, April 5.

Zerf, known as the Original Kansas Cowboy Minstrel, will be performing and entertaining with songs and stories of the Wild Kansas Frontier down the streets of Paxico Friday afternoon.

“We are really excited to have Zerf come to Paxico. Now from Manhattan, the singer’s  repertoire consists of Kansas cowboy and pioneer tunes, and original songs and stories about Kansas frontier towns and characters,” Winkler explained.

Dining is always important to whoever visits Paxico, and again the Longbranch Bar and Grill and Tarred and Feathered Café will be open serving ranchland appropriate menus. “There’ll be barbecue and grilled food, Historic Cowboy Stew, and Santa Fe Trail Quesadillas,” Winkler affirmed.

However, since this is a cowboy culture weekend, Geff Dawson will bring his authentic chuck wagon to Paxico for a demonstration and serving ranch trail foods Friday afternoon, April 4, from 2 to 8 p.m.

“As Geff is widely recognized and honored as a cowboy poet, storyteller and musician, we fully expect some additional entertainment as the chuck wagon meals are being dished out,” Winkler promised.

Horse drawn carriage rides by Buchman’s Double B Ranch are to be available free for those attending Paxico’s Saturday afternoon activities.

Horse drawn carriage rides are scheduled free of charge, Saturday afternoon, April 5, as a feature of The Kansas Flint Hills & Cowboy Culture events planned as part of Paxico First Friday Two-Day Antique and Art Walk, April 4 and 5.
Slated as a Saturday afternoon feature also is bluegrass, country and folk music by The Oregon Trail Gang in Woodman Hall on Newbury Avenue.

Paxico’s antique shops include Winkler’s Aunt Peg’s Main Street Antiques and Aunt Peg’s Country Bank Antiques, along with European Antiques and Upholstery, Wanoworld Collectibles, The Old Woodman, and Mill Creek Antiques, which features completely authentically-restored antique wood burning stoves.

Information is available at www.paxicomerchants.compaxicomerchants@yahoo.com; or 785-636-5551.

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The Oregon Trail Gang is to perform bluegrass, country and folk music as a Saturday attraction for The Kansas Flint Hills and Culture evens at Paxico Saturday, April 5. They’ll be entertaining in The Old Woodman Hall, located at 218 Main Street.


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