Flint Hills Mounted Shooters Plan Clinic And Competition At Topeka

Ever dream of chasing bad guys in black hats across the prairie from the back of your buckskin stallion firing your .45 revolver before they get away forever?

Few of the baby boomer generation haven’t at least had a passing thought of being Matt Dillon or another cowboy in a white hat pursuing runaway outlaws.

Like Rex Allen always contended, everybody likes to watch a horse galloping in the breeze, and in hot pursuit with pistol flaring, adds to the glamour for more than would admit.

Now, there’s the chance to make that life’s fantasy come true, or at least a resemblance thereof.fhm

“The Flint Hills Mounted Shooters have a clinic scheduled at R Bar B Arena, northeast of Topeka on Saturday, May 3,” announced Ross Yordy, president of the Flint Hills Mounted Shooters.

“You’ll have the opportunity to learn gun safety while shooting a single action .45 long colt revolver. Plus, those participating will be working with experienced horses and riders to acclimate your horse to gunfire,” Yordy promised.

“However in order to participate, all riders must be able to walk, trot, and canter on horseback using only one hand reining,” advised Terri Yordy, an avid horseback shooter as well.


Colter Macy of Alta Vista competes in mounted shooting competitions and is expected to see action in a Flint Hills Mounted Shooters event Sunday afternoon northeast of Topeka.

“We strive to prepare you and your horses for participating in the sport of cowboy mounted shooing,” continued Ross, adding that ear plugs will be required and provided for all riders and horses.

Holsters and guns are to be available for use during the clinic. “All participants will use black powder blanks provided by the Flint Hills Mounted Shooters group. No other ammunition, blank or live, will be allowed on premises. Likewise, there will be no alcoholic beverages permitted on the grounds,” Ross emphasized.

While the clinic is limited to a dozen participants, there is a registration fee of $135, with a $50 deposit due by Wednesday evening, April 30.

Registration, with forms available at www.flinthillsmountedshooters.com, includes an annual membership to the Flint Hills Mounted Shooters, and an associate membership in the national Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association, Terri pointed out.


Rusty Walker of The BIG 94.5 Country Morning Show fame will be riding her black and white Paint gelding, Cowboy, in the Flint Hills Mounted Shooters R Bar B Saddle Series Finale on Sunday, May 4, at R Bar B Western Store, northeast of Topeka.

The shooting clinic is a predecessor to the Flint Hills Mounted Shooters R Bar B Saddle Series Finale at the R Bar B Arena on Sunday, May 4, according to Ross.

“The competition will be a double world points qualifier, with 40 percent circuit payback,” Ross explained.

Fees are: main entry, $80; wrangler, $15; two-stage shotgun, $40; and two-stage rifle $440. Entries close at 11 o’clock, with a shooter meeting prior to that, and competition gets under at noon.

“The saddle will be awarded after the shoot,” said Ross, adding that “R Bar B Saddle Series Rules” will apply, with complete details on the website, and Facebook.

Additional information about the Flint Hills Mount Shooters is available by contacting Ross or Terrie Yordy at 785-765-3608, or ryordy@embarqmail.com.