Pioneer Bluffs Plans ‘Open Ranch’ Day Art, Fun And Picnic

It’ll be an “Open Ranch” at one of the most historic and picturesque ranches in the Flint Hills, and the entire world.

“We are planning a day of relaxing time for artists to work, and for art lovers to watch them and view art exhibits, and for all to have a picnic lunch in the Flint Hills on Saturday, June 14, at Pioneer Bluffs, near Matfield Green,” invited Lynn Smith executive director of the ranching heritage educational center.

Pioneer Bluffs Ranchland-Trust-1]“The Bluestem Art Guild will have a special exhibit on display in our historic 1915 barn. All artists are invited to bring their paints to create their own works from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock,” Smith said.

Artist Jason Henderson will create caricature illustrations of those who would like to have a unique keepsake. “Whenever I am armed with a drawing utensil and a place to use it,” Henderson said, “you never know what will come of it.”

A picnic lunch of grilled burgers and hot dogs picnic will be served at noon.

At 3 o’clock, Smith will present a program on the ranching history of Pioneer Bluffs, as seen through 150 years of photos.

“The story of Pioneer Bluffs began in 1859 when Charles Rogler, a young Austrian immigrant, walked from Iowa to build a new life in Kansas. Charles’ son, Henry, and in turn a grandson, Wayne, later took the reins, making the farm and ranch operation, one of the most well-respected in the region,” Smith explained.

barn gallery
The Bluestem Art Guild will have a special exhibit on display in the historic 1915 barn during the “Open Ranch” activities scheduled Saturday, June 14, at the Pioneer Bluffs educational heritage center, near Matfield Green. Artists have been invited to bring their paints to create their own works from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock.

Today, Pioneer Bluffs is a nonprofit organization that carries on the Rogler legacy of respecting the land, preserving history, and engaging community.

With a classic early 1900s farm house, barns, and distinctive mile-long limestone fence, Pioneer Bluffs, located one mile north of Matfield Green, or 15 miles south of Cottonwood Falls on the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway K-177, is a National Register Historic District.

“At Pioneer Bluffs, you’ll step into a classic family farmstead setting and discover an incredible repository of natural beauty and Kansas farming and ranching heritage. Located in the heart of the Flint Hills, Pioneer Bluffs has become a distinguished educational center,” Smith explained.

The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs, in the 1908 home of Henry and Maud Sauble Rogler, presents national and international contemporary artists. Currently featuring the works of Dale Hartley, Saffordville, and Curtis Jones, Norman, Oklahoma, the gallery will be open from 10 to 5, on Saturday, June 14.

“For the ‘Open Ranch’ activities, there is no cost, other than a small fee for those who want a caricature drawing. Yet, donations are gratefully accepted, and lunch reservations are requested,” explained Smith, who can be contacted at 620-753-3484 or


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