Australian Cowboy Bringing Horsemanship Tour To Topeka

One of the most renowned horsemen in the world is coming to Topeka.

“Clinton Anderson will be taking over the Kansas Expocentre on August 2 – 3, to bring you his Walkabout Tour, a two-day horsemanship experience unlike any other,” announced Brittney Chamberlain, Stephenville, Texas, Anderson’s event assistant “Inspiring the Dreams of Horsemen.”

“When attendees arrive for the tour, they should have the ticket in hand  so that we can easily scan it and get everybody through the front door in a timely manner. Clinton will get the show started at 9 o’clock both mornings,” Chamberlain verified.

Clinton Anderson was born and raised in Australia, where at the age of six, his family recognized his natural ability with horses and cultivated his interest, buying him his first horse at age nine. Clinton began attending horsemanship clinics when he was 12,” Chamberlain pointed out.

At age 13, Anderson is said to have started playing Polo-Cross and was chosen for a national team representing his state.

A fulltime training apprenticeship began when Anderson was 15, with nationally acclaimed clinician and horse trainer, Gordon McKinlay of Rockhampton, Queensland. During the next two years, Anderson started and trained more than 600 horses under Gordon’s expert apprenticeship.

At age 17, Anderson left McKinlay and began working for Ian Francis, horse trainer in Gympie, Queensland, and then started his own training facility.

In 1996, Anderson came to the United States, for a brief apprenticeship with Al Dunning, winner of multiple American Quarter Horse Association World Championships, and then returned to Australia where he continued with his training business.

At that time, Anderson began reining competition and placed third at the Australian National Reining Futurity in 1997. Anderson won the first go-around, and placed third in the finals, with only one point separating the top three horses.

Anderson returned permanently to the United States where he began training, touring and conducting clinics, in October, 1997.

Less than four years later, Anderson became the first horse trainer to launch a “made-for-TV” weekly training program broadcast on satellite television. “The use of untrained horses and a variety of topics covering common problems faced by horse owners has made Clinton’s show, Downunder Horsemanship, one of RFD-TV’s most popular equine clinicians,” Chamberlain claimed.

In 2003, and again in 2005, Anderson faced the country’s best horse trainers and clinicians in the prestigious Road to the Horse Competition, becoming the first person to win the event twice in a row.

“Clinton works hard to educate horse owners on how to be safe and effective while enjoying their horses. His training methods are easy to understand and designed to help horse owners get the results they desire,” Chamberlain pointed out.

“The 2014 Walkabout Tour offers something for all levels of horsemen and is jam packed with not only instruction on Anderson’s trusted methods, but inspiration and innovation that only Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship can provide,” Chamberlain assured .

Anderson works with four local horses with various problems, including pushy on the ground, lazy feet, over reactive, fearful of the trailer, bolting under saddle, spooking, hard-to-catch and other unfavorable habits and problems.

“In each demonstration, Clinton will show attendees how he starts with the horse, and the results he’s able to get by earning the horse’s respect and trust. And, of course, in his typical fashion, Anderson doesn’t hold anything back. People will see the good, the bad and the ugly, in order to use the same methods in order to get the same results with their own horses,” Chamberlain explained.

“Clinton and his horse Diez have been together for 13 years, and encapsulate the ultimate in horsemanship in freestyle performances on the ground and under saddle. The connection Anderson shares with Diez is much more than a stunning example of training, but a thrilling illustration of where proper communication and leadership can take your partnership with your horse,” Chamberlain commented.

“Participants will be inspired to be the best horseman each one can be and to take their partnership with their horse even further than they could have envisioned,” Chamberlain said.

“At the end of each day, Anderson will be available for autograph signings. It’s each person’s chance to get up close and personal with the man behind his unique horse handling and training methods,” Chamberlain added.

More than $9,000 in giveaways during two-days include Anderson’s training kits, tack items and membership to the No Worries Club.

“Participants can even help Hunting for Heroes, a nonprofit organization, raise money for their cause by participating in the Ritchie Charity Ball Toss, with a training video series for the winner,” Chamberlain said.

Horse clinician-trainer Clinton Anderson will present his Walkabout Tour, a two-day horsemanship clinic, at the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka on August 2-3.
Horse clinician-trainer Clinton Anderson will present his Walkabout Tour, a two-day horsemanship clinic, at the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka on August 2-3.

Anderson Certified Clinicians will also be available for one-on-one consulting and to explain the process of scheduling private lessons and clinics.

“We’re looking for a trailer loading demo horse and a groundwork and riding demo horse for the Topeka Kansas Walkabout Tour. The ideal candidate for the trailer loading demo is a horse that is extremely fearful of getting anywhere near a trailer, while the perfect demo horse for the groundwork and riding sessions is pushy, fearful, over-reactive, dangerous or lazy and has developed bad habits such as biting, kicking, bucking, rearing, etc.,” Chamberlain said.

“Clinton will work with each horse in the arena, trailer loading, and developing the horse’s trust and respect on the ground and under saddle. If you live in the area of the Walkabout Tour, and your horse is 10 years of age or younger, and you’d like Clinton to work with him, head over to the Walkabout Events website to learn more and fill an application. You will only be contacted if your application is selected,” Chamberlain clarified

Information is available at, or 888-287-7432. “We’ll open the doors for No Worries Club members and their guests at 8 o’clock, and general admission at 8:15,” Chamberlain welcomed.