‘Just Show Up For Work’

“Nobody wants to work anymore.”

Every day, we hear somebody make that statement. The unemployment figures announced regularly always indicate many people don’t have work. Yet, help wanted advertising is everywhere.

Some claim they’re overqualified, or they’re underqualified. Others are too old, or too young, and excuses go on and on.

Upon being asked to take our present job, we felt privileged and accepted the position. But, several acquaintances commented: “They are always looking for employees,” which we took as teasing.

Still, we soon found that many of the workers at our new job had not been there that long, and had worked numerous places previously. Several analyzed: “That’s the way the radio business is. There are always lots of transitions.” Obviously, that’s a fact.

In five years, we’re already in the top seniority among 51 employees. There have been 64 employees come and gone, more than one a month, with several positions having higher turnover.

Obviously, many factors can come into changing of jobs. But, too often we’re afraid, it’s because “nobody wants to work anymore.”

Some positions do require certain skills, but as one co-worker contended, “A lot of the work can be learned by just showing up on the job.” Another added, “They’ll take the check, but don’t want to do anything to earn it.”

Every day, several employees don’t come to work, putting added burden on others.

With unemployment benefits, welfare payments, and other government assistance, certain people can make more by not working. Ethically wrong, it really does sometimes make more sense not to have a job.

Mom always said, “Do whatever you want, but always keep your job.” Yep, “We want a job, so we don’t have to work so hard on the ranch.”

Perhaps, others don’t mind working, but they just don’t like their job, and can’t seem to find one they do, so they just keep changing.  Yet, many don’t stay at a position long enough to understand it. If they did, some might find out they really do like to work.

Reminds us of James 5:11: “They put up with anything, went through everything, and never once quit. What a gift life is to those who stay the course right down to the last detail.” Then, Isaiah 65:22: “They shall long make use of and enjoy the work of their hands.”