No More Waterline Procrastination

“Water is the most essential nutrient.”

It’s a serious problem when the waterline freezes, and 40 heifers are standing beside an empty tank.

Well pump in the cellar of the abandoned farmhouse at its best is a mess to describe it bluntly accurate.

Promising for years that there was going to be a new system installed, but always a procrastinator still nothing had been done when this winter came.

With electricity-taping pipes, heat lamps and hay bales around crevices, there have been winters without freeze-up. But, the first extreme cold came this year, before necessity preparations were made.

Temperatures dropped to near record lows, the pipes froze, and there was no water, despite efforts to thaw the lines. Complex plans to haul water were initiated.

Then, there was water; the pipes broke, and water was everywhere, except where it was needed for thirsty cattle.

Standing in foot-deep, well-flood waters to repair electrical pump and leaking pipes was definitely not a task for limited cowboy knowledge.

Finding somebody with enough knowhow who was willing to undertake this most unpleasant and truly difficult job would have to be a prayer answered.

Blessed we were, and so thankful for it, one call to the plumber kid (they’re all kids to somebody as old as we are), who’d done excellent work for us previously, was responded to quickly, with congenial promise to fix the freeze-caused problem.

There were no complaints, and it had to have been most complex, knowing the conditions and long list of materials required. But, within a few hours, there was hydrant water, again. Thirsty heifers were happy, and, if possible, we were even happier.

“Our plumber” assures us those waterlines won’t freeze again this winter, but we’re vowing publicly there’ll “never” be such serious water glitches at that place.

It’ll be a major ordeal, but the young expert is contracted to renovate the entire well housing, pumping and piping system, like should have been done years ago.

Reminds us of First Corinthians 3:8: “He who feeds, and he who waters are equal, each shall receive his own reward.”  Therefore, Luke 9:62: “No procrastination. You can’t put off until tomorrow.” Now, Amos 9:11: “I’ll repair the holes, replace the broken, fix it up.”  Then, Acts 15:16: “I will rebuild it, and will set it up again.”