Best To See At Night

“And, then there was light.”

There hadn’t been any electricity in the barn for several months, since we started major renovation.

All of the old wiring and fixtures were removed before any work began. Some of it had probably been there since rural electricity came to the farm early last century.

Then, we’d had the neighbor man install additional fixtures, actually lightbulb screw-ins, with little wires spliced together, and hooked to existing switches.

As said before, fortunately the old barn never caught fire and burned down, especially reflecting on how we’d always see sparks when flipping lights on in the dark.

Night has forever been a difficult time for us to see, and it’s gotten worse in maturity. When power goes off, and we’re forced to use flashlights and candles, it’s always a relief when electricity returns.

Interesting though, last week we took a birthday ride in the starlit sky. There must have been a billion stars twinkling, but no moon was apparent, so it was still quite dark. Cautious in our maturity, and buckskin Maggie was quite aware, too, therefore we only rode at a leisure walk, and didn’t tour the entire pasture.

Quite, the contrast to four decades ago when every night no matter how dark or cold it was, we’d gallop the black stud Dennis bareback to pony the two-year-old stud Fellow all the way around 40-acres, thinking nothing of it. Old age changes lots of things.

Luckily, a qualified electrician took the major job of re-electrifying our 100-year-old barn. It was a drawn out process, and like everything these days, a costly one.

But, now there’s all new enclosed wiring, a dozen inside lights, multiple switches to everyone, five new outside lights, plus another dozen corral and arena lights have been repaired, and have turnoffs and turn-ons in several places.

It’s good to see again while doing nightly barn chores, and lighting will sure be appreciated by the calving crew when those heifers start delivering in the wee hours of the morning.

Reminds us of John 1:9: “There it was, the true light to illumine every person.” Also, Genesis 1:3: “And God said, let there be light; and there was light.” So, Psalm 119:105: “We can see where we’re going, when they throw a beam of light on the dark.”