Even Clean Vehicle is Significant

“The best way to make it rain is to wash the car.”

That is a fairly common statement that has held true over time, but during drought conditions of the past couple of years, nothing seemed to help.

However, after the clouds finally started letting moisture loose again in many locales,  the comment has been repeated with some frequency.

Over the past four decades, our philosophy has generally been “the car will get washed when it rains.”

Consequently, our mode of transportation gets pretty dirty sometimes, especially if we are on dusty country roads, or if it does rain, and we have to drive on muddy paths.

Of course, there have been limited exceptions when we’ve had to make a public appearance, and our “reputation was at stake,” so to speak. We break down and grudgingly give the car a “lick-and-promise.”

There are many with quite the opposite opinion that wash their cars on a regular schedule, even to the extent of applying a wax finish, so they’re  always spic-and-span. If it happens to rain, a rewash is done some after. Those operating the car wash places really do appreciate people like that.

Admittedly, regular vehicle wash jobs help prevent rust and keep the paint in better condition.

Our resistance to washing vehicles likely comes from it being our regular weekly job while growing up. Every Thursday afternoon, Mom had us “wash the grocery store delivery wagon.”

In the early days, we did it with a bucket of water and rag. The car was parked at the end of the alley, and we had to carry a 2½ gallon bucket about 50 yards from the back of the store to the car. Sometimes, that would take a dozen buckets of water, depending on how filthy the car was.

Things largely improved when a commercial car wash opened a block down the street, and Mom would give us four quarters to “go wash the car.” We still didn’t like the chore.

Hating to admit it, we’ve washed our truck and trailer a couple of times this year, because the dust accumulated so badly on them setting in the barn between shows.

Reminds us of Leviticus 13:58: “It shall be washed and be clean.” Most importantly, Acts 22:16: “By calling upon His name, wash away sins.”