Time for improving adjustment

“Some people just never change.”

Despite all of the teaching, preaching, promises, proclamations that one makes, there are certain ways that seem to continue like they always have.

At least that’s our reasoning for why we are not really much different than five decades ago in grade school.

Although our imagination isn’t as limitless, and our “bright ideas” are considerably fewer, we still undertake more projects than we ever get accomplished.

While school sports never complicated our life to any extent, there was always a long list of things we vowed to do, and never completed most of them. Certainly, none were finished with much quality.

Getting an education always got second billing in high school and college with the never- ending agriculture-and-cowboy related tasks coming first.

Hurrying through those education years, they remain cherished times of our life. Activities became even more complex when we had to make our own living.

Job may have been first, but ranching, raising a family, breeding horses, training horses, riding in and judging horse shows, having field days and sales, becoming involved in community and church functions, made a busy life.

Often, we didn’t know if we “were coming or going,” and on more-than-one occasion caught ourselves not being able to figure out which.

Although we’ve vouched to “only ride our horse, write stories and go fishing,” that’s not the way it is. And, not likely, based on more than six decades, what it’ll ever be.

While reading is said to becoming less popular among many, we have always liked to read and try to follow writings in many publications, although we still miss much.

One even-considerably-older, obviously-more-ambitious, and active than us, actually approaching “80” and still teaching school, shared advice that we appreciate, and likely most, us included, should take to heart.

“Live each day as best you can. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, because you can’t change it. Don’t worry about tomorrow, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. Don’t worry about stuff, because no one is perfect. You must live with your faults, while forgiving others.”

Despite our unchanging record, we intend to revolutionize for betterment.

Reminds us of Second Peter 3:9: “He’s giving everyone space and time to change.” Yet, thankfully, Hebrews 6:18: “God can’t break his word. The promise is unchangeable.”