Ways change with the times

“The best way to get there is to ride a horse.”

That’s always been our philosophy, and one we’ve tried to follow.  But, like the rest of the fast-paced-world, we end up driving a motorized vehicle most places we go.

However, a strong appreciation remains in our heart for those who settled this country traveling with horses.

Likewise, we fondly think about the cowboys who used to get up early and ride to a destination sometimes 30 miles or more away to assist in checking, doctoring and rounding up herds.

Today is different, but not even considering mechanical carts for cattle use, horses spend more time in trailers being hauled than they do with cowboys on their backs getting work done.

Method of horse hauling has changed considerably in the past half century. Trailers were almost unheard of in the 1950s, as those who did haul horses often jumped them on a pickup with a stock rack.

By the ’60s, a few homemade trailers were being used, but “stock trailers” were yet virtually nonexistent.

Desire to compete in horse shows has been in our blood ever since we got Spot in 1962. But, we didn’t have a trailer to get to those out-of-town events.

The county fair horse show was a really big deal to us, even though we’d never showed. However, after Spot had two foals, Missy Creek and Buchman’s Queen, we pleaded to take them all to the fair.

We should have ridden and led them two miles out there. But, instead, Dad built stock racks for a little trailer he’d saved from his farming days. It was some sight pulling that “horse trailer” with the grocery store delivery wagon.

Then, we wanted to go to more horse shows further away. Our eighth grade graduation present was undoubtedly the best of anybody in our class.

After begging for three years, our parents bought a factory-built two-horse trailer to be pulled by our Ford Galaxy 500. We were up in style with the best. Oh, how horse hauling has developed since then.

Reminds us of Zechariah 8:12: “But, things have changed.” Many contend Genesis 29:19: “It is far better,” and Luke 6:37: “Life is a lot easier.” Certainly, First Samuel 8:5: “You are old, and your son does not walk in your ways.”