Unique kickoff bull riding event draws spectator applause for tough competitors

“Resounding success” was the evaluation of spectators, contestants and promoters alike.

That was following completion of the two-day kickoff DEL Motors Bull Riding Series hosted by Corey’s Country Corral in Grandview Plaza at Junction City.

“Such a grand weekend we had all the excitement you could ask for. There were rank bulls mounted by cowboys and ‘wanna-be’ bull riders from throughout the Midwest before a near packed house both Friday and Saturday evenings,” exclaimed Carl Corey, who coordinated the unique event with his wife, Dee.

Quality of bulls from McDonald Rodeo Company, Ava, Missouri, dominated the cowboys far and away percentage wise with only two riders making the buzzer during the entire weekend.

“But, champions are champions, and Nathan Tull, the 2008 world champion bull rider in the International Profession Rodoe Associaiton from Oklahoma, again took home the championship buckle and top prize money,” Dee Corey explained.

Tull rode at both performances and also signed autographs Saturday afternoon at DEL Motors in downtown Junction City.

While a number of local riders, including those who mounted a rank bull for the first time, were competing, highlight, according to Dee at least, was when a cowgirl, a “Lady Rider,” as Dee described her, climbed down in the chute in her first attempt at the most dangerous sport participated in by man “or woman.”

“That cowgirl didn’t put the cowboys to complete shame by making a qualified ride, but she did make them all take notice. And, now, she ‘has the bug,’ and has promised to try her hand again, while challenging other cowgirls to get in on the action at Corey’s Corral, too,” Dee said.

Although, it was spectator excitement, and rider adrenaline, there was nothing to be taken too lightly by the competition.

“Several cowboys were sent sky high, while others hit the sand gently. But, one cowboy got hung up severely on his bull after three spins, and the bullfighters were there to get him free without injury. Yet, there were two cowboys knocked out, but ‘cowboy’d’ up, came to and walked out of the arena,” Carl said.

Notable, Extreme Sports Medics were on the scene and treated riders’ minimal injuries.

“We had one bull decide he was not leaving the DEL Motors Arena and played a 10-minute game of chicken with the bullfighters. Carl even got in the arena and provided some assistance, much to entertainment of the cheering crowd,” Dee said.

Following the competitions both evenings, everybody joined in the cowboy and cowgirl fun and dancing that followed.

A truly Western action affair, a premier event in the Flint Hills, riders and spectators alike are anticipating the next competitions in the bull riding series.

“Other contractors have been spreading the word, too, and top cowboys have been calling about entering the second bull riding Friday and Saturday evenings, June 14-15,” Dee pointed out.

“Now, there is major prize money for professional and amateur bull riders, but those who have never ridden real live bucking bulls are most welcome, too. Not all bulls are the same, and bulls will be selected to match the caliber of first-time riders,” Carl reminded.

Additional information is available at www.coreyscountrycorral.com.