Blessing despite continuous mistakes

“Three cranks and the ‘new car’ started.”

That concerned us a bit, as every other time “New Tannie” was running instantly on the first key turn.  There was a “jerk” when we backed out of the garage, but we just shrugged and pressed harder on the throttle.

As we got to the end of the driveway, “New Tannie” sputtered twice and died. Groaning, we turned the switch repeatedly to no avail: “It won’t start.”

Looking at the gas gauge, it was on red, but “surely there’s enough gas, there’s just 350 miles on the odometer. Guess this thing is another lulu after all of the spouting we’ve been doing about our ‘new car’ being the best we’d ever had.”

While we hate to be out of gas, “that would be the easiest problem to solve,” despite putting damper in our schedule

An empty gallon plastic gas container is always in the trunk with battery cables and filled water jugs, because car problems are common for us. There is a spare tire, too, but the one in this “new car with 190,000 miles on it” is still factory-installed. Hopefully, we don’t have to change that.

Anyway, “the boss” grudgingly answered her 6:30, phone ring, and reluctantly consented to help get fuel, with hopes that would fix our dilemma.

Pouring gas into the tank isn’t easy, but bulk of the fuel finally dripped in. Holding our breath, during a silent prayer, we turned the key, and with only slight hesitation, the motor was running smoothly.

Releasing a sigh of relief, we acknowledged appreciation and headed up town to get “New Tannie” filled, while vowing that was never going to happen again.

Again, we were reminded of Mom, who was always getting gas when the gauge approached the half-way mark. That’s our promised philosophy now as well.

Believingly, we’ve run out of gas on numerous occasions, always thinking: “Oh there’ll be enough to get there,” when there wasn’t.

This time we couldn’t believe the tank was empty, but “fortunately it was,” and nothing else was wrong. No better place to be stalled than in our own yard.

Reminds us of First Corinthians 10:11: “There are warnings so that we don’t make mistakes. Don’t be so naïve and self-confident.” However, in reality, John 1:16: “We have received another blessing.”