Changing season brings fresh outlook

Spring has sprung.

The warning came as the clocks sprung ahead an hour. Then it snowed, and despite the calendar, nobody was in the mood of the season.

Frequently, we’ve heard reflections of a year ago when tame grass was already green and several inches tall. Fertilizer had been applied on large acreages, and tractors tilling the soil were common sight.

Just this past week, true seasonal signs are finally showing. Several times, we overheard others ask one another: “Are you going to plant corn next week?” Sometimes, it has been in jest, while there also has been the response: “I’d sure like to, if it’s dry enough.”

Then, the pessimistic realist puts the conversation back into perspective: “The weatherman has snow forecast for Monday.”

Still, moisture remains the topic of conversation, and it’s a more pleasantry optimistic tone, than just days earlier. “There’ll sure be grass to turn out on,” several have said.

Concern though about sufficient livestock water remains prevalent, despite several ranchers commenting: “It’s amazing how those little rains and the snow have added pond water.”

Saturday, two ranchers contended: “There’s a big pond that was about empty, but now it’s nearly full. Another new pond not far away has lots of water in it, too.”

Fall is still our favorite season, because we can at least make a dent in the long list of things needing done. Spring is the opposite, as our work piles up much faster, even though there are more daylight hours to do it.

However, we’ll never forget the message given at our grandmother’s funeral more than four decades ago. She always anticipated spring for the green grass, new flowers, baby birds in their nests and newborn rabbits

Makes us think of the saying: “March winds bring April shows for May flowers.” Spring certainly brings new life as we anticipate our foals to accompany calves and other animals of nature.

Reminds us of Zechariah 10:1: “The Lord makes spring lightning which ushers in the rain and grass to everyone in the field.” Likewise, Deuteronomy 11:14:  “He’ll take charge of sending spring rains, so that you’ll be able to harvest your grain, and there’s plenty of grass for your animals.”

Furthermore, Leviticus 26:5: “I will send the rains in their seasons, the ground will yield its crops.”