Memory Loss Major Concern

“Forgetfulness is nothing to be taken lightly.”

While jokes are made about such, it is very serious when one cannot remember.

After spending time with our banker, we returned with papers and other items, sat down to reflect, and our checkbook was missing.  Retracing our steps, looking everywhere around home, it just wasn’t anywhere.

Deciding we’d go back to the bank to see if we’d dropped the checks there, we called first to see if somebody had found them. The teller asked our observant banker, who informed her he’d seen us put the checkbook in our coat pocket. Sure enough, that’s where it was.

This wouldn’t be so bad, if it was the first time, but our memory is worsening. What aggravates us most is putting something in a certain place, so we’ll remember where it is, and then we forget where that was. Pun of such  previously, it’s not funny anymore.

Oh, we remember details about the mock hanging of Pete Lang, mounted on Eck Allen’s spotted horse, from a tree beside the Durland Park calaboose during the ’61centennial; we were ten.

And, memories are vivid of when 12-years-old, running the pole bending in 27-seconds on Nellie at the Abilene fairground, getting beat by our third cousin riding a Shetland.

And, catching our calf in 32-seconds with the second loop to get a red ribbon in 13-and -under breakaway roping at the Manhattan Roundup Club.

And, clown Joe Hedrick telling us we’d slapped the bull Lubert L, after being the only entry out of 42 contestants making the whistle at the Hays college rodeo.

But, we don’t remember what we were going to remember to do today. Still sounding josh, it isn’t.

Dates and names are the worst. Oddly, we know when we were hired and fired, and hired, and have memorized our birthdate, but have forgotten most others. With uncountable acquaintances, we can’t readily identify many.

Of all the senses, memory has to be most valuable of all. Deterioration is frightening.

Reminds us of Psalm 9:6: “Even their memory is gone, sadly.  Most important, Psalm 9:17: “All shall be turned into premature death when forgetful of God.” Still essential, Joshua 1:14: “Remember what Moses the servant of God commanded you.” Thankfully, Isaiah 64:5: “God has a good memory of the way you work.”