Life is a learning process

A new phone and a new computer in four days are just about more than a cowboy can take.

It still bothers our conscience that we’re forced to use both so much to keep our job.

When mobile phones came out, we initially thought how good they would be so we could work all the time while commuting. Yet, we didn’t finally get a “cell phone” until forced to for a new position.

Our original thought of convenience went caput, too, when use while driving was outlawed for good reason.

But, on that subject, when coming home Friday, we came up behind a driver, illegally-obviously, talking on his phone. Going all over the road, one would think he’d had two too many. The fellow didn’t have a clue he was a potential hazard to others.

Anyway, we’d had our first cell phone 40 months, and it wasn’t working part of the time. Somebody insisted it needed a new battery, despite that we plugged it into the electrical output every night for ten hours.

When we took the phone to the storekeeper, she grinned, to our disgust, responding: “This is old. You can’t get batteries for it.”

What? “You have to buy a new one.” We hadn’t figured out the other one yet. And, any customer courtesy the clerk might have had deteriorated sharply there forward.

It was an hour-and-a-half later, truly, we grudgingly signed an agreement for a “new phone.” One like the grade school kids, many others, all in the office, have with a glass cover to “swipe across.” Plus, all the other things: texting, e-mail, camera, calendar, Facebook, who knows what all?

Yet, all we need is a phone. We now have a “new one,” had it a week, and can’t understand the gizmo. We’ve missed many calls, don’t know who from, or anything else.

Then, Monday morning, a “new computer” was on our desk. Oh no, what’s an old cowboy supposed to do?

Likewise, we hadn’t figured out the previous one yet, but it’s “try to learn,” or get booted out. The office “computer engineer” now doesn’t like us anymore than the phone salesperson.

Reminds us of Proverbs 30:2: “I have not the understanding.” However, most importantly, Proverbs 1:5: “The person can hear and increase in learning, and will acquire skill.”