Majestic deer prairie kings

“Wyatt got a buck. We’re going over to see it.”

That note was on the kitchen table as we came in after work.

Fortunately, we got there just in time to go along and see the excited fifth grade grandson display his trophy.

It was his second deer, having filled a doe permit two years ago, but this one made seasoned-hunters take notice, and it came from our own ranch.

Likely, the “nice six-pointer” won’t be mounted, but the antlers will surely be on display. There’s venison to eat, though we’ll settle for a sample, and let others have the rest.

Understanding the attraction many have for the sport, it’s never appealed to us.  However, we did get a doe one time with Red as we were headed to judge a horse show at Kingman. Not even slowing us down, we saw results in the rearview mirror, and were forced to explain the fender damage until our car finally did in.

Still, the children have both been successful deer hunters, and the son hits the field dedicatedly every year, only looking for that record setter, yet generally filling a permit of sorts. Several minimal-trophies are permanently displayed, along with “antler-sheds” collected as a rancher hobby.

Can’t help but think of Uncle Don, who was a dedicated deer hunter when we were growing up. Of course, he and Aunt Lu went to Colorado and Wyoming, because Kansas didn’t yet have sufficient deer for hunting seasons.

They’d always return with deer, antelope, and sometimes elk, then we’d get in on cutting, grinding and packaging in our family grocery store butcher shop.

Of course, one big buck was mounted for posterity being exhibited in their dining room to watch over us whenever we had dinner there.

And, when we were quite young, one of our best Christmas presents ever was the shiny, preserved trophy-antler rack they gave us, and our hats still hang on it.

But, we’ll let the majestic deer  roam to spring though our pastures and soar over the fences.

Reminds us of Genesis 49:21: “Deer running free gives birth to lovely fawns.” And, Psalm 18:32: “Now I run like a deer; I’m king of the mountain.” Thus, Second Samuel 22:34:
“He makes one as surefooted as a deer, enabling him to stand on mountain heights.”