Organization Worth The Effort

What happened to that notebook with the birthdates?

Where is the picture of that horse?

How come the rasp isn’t with those other shoeing-tools?

Seemingly nothing is ever where we can readily find it.

When one goes as many different directions as we do in an hour, let alone a lifetime, keeping track of all the thousands of things we’ve handled becomes almost impossible.

Ever since high school when the agriculture instructor emphasized importance of marked tool boards, and putting everything back after use, so we’d know where it was when needed, that’s been our objective.

Put the tools where they belong, the bridle back on the same peg, the feed scoop where it was. Sounds easy, but that just isn’t the way things are for us.

There are those who always have everything organized and never have to look for anything. Sometimes, it’s because they don’t have much to keep track of. Certain people throw lots of things away and don’t have any records.

The past is important for the future, so we try to keep complete files. Consequently, we get behind, and there are stacks to be put where they’re supposed to be.

A well-organized secretary one time was critical we didn’t have a letter sent a year earlier. With dozens of communications daily, we don’t keep them all. Yet, we might have it, but only God knows where.

Storage cabinets are overflowing, and there is a cluttered office. Contending that we are “not a hoarder,” we keep what we’ll “need someday.” Yet, we don’t want to be like the cowboy who cleaned his tack room of literally dozens of duplicate bits, blankets, empty containers, etc.

Computers have relieved pressures, so instead of stuffing drawers, information can be “stored in a “workstation folder,” with fingers crossed the system doesn’t “crash.”

More often than not, we put something away, so we’ll remember where it is, then forget where that was.

However, when we do throw anything away, and remember we did, there is some consolation, instead of wondering where we put it.

Reminds us of Isaiah 10:28: “He gets rid of his baggage by storing it.” Therefore, Romans 2:5: “You are storing up for yourself.” Because Psalm 19:11: “In keeping them, there is great reward.” Likewise, Exodus 16:33: “Keeping it safe for future generations.”