Whatever Is To Be Will Be

It was the thirteenth, but fortunately not Friday.

Saturday morning is supposed to be sleep-in just a little longer, even though our body tells us to get up and go. Then the phone rang, and we were forced into action.

All week long, whenever we’d check the calendar for what was set for the weekend, we’d been reminded “that day” was approaching.

Well, the early-call held true to our concerns for the day: a bad piece of fortune for certain. But, we had to move on. What else could we do?

Late as always, we took the curved road to the horse sale, when what to our ever-so-cautious eyes-for-the-day would appear, but a big black cat ready to cross the highway right in front of us. “Oh no.”

We speeded up hoping to frighten him to not cross the road, but he was on the run, and we had to screech-stop to prevent hitting him. A black cat crossed our path on the 13th. Surely, our day would be doomed.

With even more alertness to every move we made for the rest of the day, fortunately nothing else detrimental occurred that we’re yet aware.

Despite efforts to ignore such irrational beliefs, they exist, and we’re not alone in our peculiar concerns.

Just last week, we heard of another cowboy-fright that’s evidently been around a long time. Rodeo contestants don’t want to get or pay with fifty-dollar-bills, worrying it’ll bring ill-fate. We didn’t know that, since our extravagance for such never exceeded a ten-spot, typically two bucks, or more often a quarter.

Still, we don’t put our hat on the bed, after being warned bad-recourse from that when a cowboy-friend threatened us, as we tossed his hat on the bed during a judging team workout four decades ago.

Likely, cowboys have more weird-fallacies than anybody going.

Many will never kick a paper cup thrown down at a rodeo, never eat hotdogs, peanuts or popcorn in the arena, never wear a yellow shirt, nor carry loose change in their pocket, all in fright of bringing bad luck.

There are many more such false notions, obviously based on “ignorant faith” having magical powers.

Reminds us of Colossians 2:8: “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, rather follow Jesus Christ.”