Never An End To Caution Cones

“Road Closed, Construction Ahead.”

“Bridge Out” “Traffic Merges Right, One Lane” “Dead End Road”

“Detour, go an extra 25-miles to get where typically it’s just a half-mile up the road.”

Those orange signs, and similar ones that we can’t remember, have become so commonplace in daily ventures that we almost ignore them, it seems.

But, those forewarnings are put into effect with thousands of orange traffic cones.

Many of them are always knocked down, often demolished. Sometimes, we wonder if drivers don’t just run cones over for sport. Or, perhaps they’re doing the keg-bending, with their vehicle and the pylons, and hit some, like we do when competing in fun horse shows.

However, we are guilty of hitting a caution cone, too. It was late at night when returning from an out-of-state horse show, darker than pitch, in a heavy-downpour, believe it or not, and somehow we sashayed and crashed a three-feet-tall funnel.

Never slowing down much, nor knocking out a light, we still worried all the way home if there was a fender dent. Fortunately, those  plastic things, that seem heavy when we’re forced to lug them around arenas setting horsemanship patterns, must be flexible. There was no  car damage. Really glad they aren’t concrete anymore.

As aggravating, or even more so, than traffic pillars, are the black-and-white striped wooden banisters closing traffic, forcing us to go another way.

Generally, one can see tracks in the ditch where closure-orders have been ignored, and traffic has traveled on, despite construction. Of course, we most always do the same, but more-than-once, that’s been wrong.

Warning is proven true, and there is no way through. Even worse, no way to get back out the way we came in. Makes us wish we were riding our horse.

Good thing about this “caution headache” is that we’re supposed to have all smooth highways ahead. But, as soon as one gets fixed, another needs repair. There is no end, so we might as well get used to it.

Reminds us of Proverbs 2:10: “Good sense will scout ahead for danger, to keep from making wrong turns, but others travel paths that go nowhere in a maze of detours and dead ends.” Likewise, Ezra 5:16: “Construction has continued from then until the present, but it is still not finished.”