Pre-Destined Whatever Occurs

“In the blink of an eye.”

The world can change just like that. Again we were reminded as we were watching a car coming from the right, started to pull in behind it without looking left, where a large semi-truck was coming towards just yards away.

Fortunately, reflexes enabled us to stop before getting completely in front of the rig, as the trucker sped by glaring at us.

Another second, a few feet further, and we’d have been a goner. It would “have been curtains,” as our aunt and others have evaluated such morbid happenings .

“Blessed” is the way we look at it, and conclude, as has also been quoted: “He evidently had more plans for us.”

Truthfully, we’ve had similar situations in the past, where we’d sashay across the center line, as another vehicle was approaching, and we’d crank safely back into our lane, often not giving it much of a thought. That’s the way fatalities occur, and we hear about them frequently.

Railroad crossings are notorious for such occurrences. More than three decades ago, a co-worker and her young daughter were killed when they pulled in front of a train near their home where they’d crossed thousands of times without incident.

Not uncommon either are mortality reports when drivers come out of their home driveways onto a highway, like they’ve done for decades without consideration or looking, and this time a passing vehicle broadsides them.

Having lived on a major highway for most of our life, and going onto it almost daily, we’ve always been concerned that we might be half asleep or daydreaming and drive out in such a deathly manner. Although we likely don’t always look left, right, left, nobody has been coming close enough for mishap.

It’s a repeated story, but less than two months after our first job right out of college, we were coming home when another driver came into our lane, hit us head-on, killing him instantly, and knocking us unconscious for days.

We don’t remember any of that, except what we read and were told, but we are still alive. “He must have had a plan for us.” Hopefully, we’re following it.

Reminds us of First Corinthians 15:52: “In a blink of the eyes, and it’s over.” But, Psalm 103:6: “God makes everything come out right.”