Certain Obsessions Are Essential

“Addictions are uncontrollable desires.”

That’s our definition, but the dictionary lists more. Typically, one considers an addiction as bad, and perhaps it is.

Initially some might think of health-damaging-use of drugs and alcohol. Not having those attractions, we can’t really make an honest evaluation.

Yet, it’s often been said there becomes a dependence on these that cannot be broken. However, others contend anything can be changed with sufficient dedication.

At one time, smoking was considered the “in-thing,” and a high percentage of the population smoked.  Today, society often looks down on anything to do with tobacco, due to supposed harmful long term effects. Many claimed the habit could not be stopped, but likely more people quit than didn’t

When one considers something good or bad doesn’t necessary means that it really is. Once smoking was looked at positively, and now it’s often the opposite, even considered by some to be a sin. For those who grow the crop, they’d have a hard time degrading tobacco as would those who find relief from other ailments through usage.

Of course, people have many obsessions from every perspective including desire to play or follow a sport, including the whole broad realm.  Still others always seem to be eating, or getting new “things,” and on and on.

While it’s not that easy to imagine when watching many others, there are those who crave work. Nothing takes precedence over their profession. That’s not us, because we’re lazy.

Our needs are far different than most, not that we take offense to those of others. Even before owning one, we had a strong craving for horses, still do and have no desire to change.

Likewise, we’ve stopped drinking coffee to prove there was “no addition,” but we don’t plan to quit again, unless doctors find it’s harmful to our health.

No end, seemingly, to the infatuations our society has.

One that “quickly turns others off” is religion, and those pressuring theirs on another. That’s understandable considering “the holier than though” prejudices within.

Yet, nothing more important than an obsession of faith in a greater power than our own.

Reminds us of Genesis 4:7: “Sin desires to have you, but you must master it.” Yet, Hebrews 11:1: “The fundamental faith in God is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living.”