Winning Only Possible With Try

“No guts,  no glory”

After the final performance of the Saturday evening rodeo performance, we couldn’t get that statement out of our head.

While the western-action, all things considered, was an elite success, it was still disappointing to us, because there were such few contestants in the rough stock events.

Rodeo has traditionally been thought of as bucking horses and bad bulls throwing cowboys high into the air. Such was not the case this performance.

Some contestants were listed in the program, but when the events were introduced, very few riders came out of the chutes.

Cowboys who mounted their livestock-draws during the first two performances did admirable-enough in the bucking horse competitions.

However, the bulls bucked all of the cowboys off. But, we can justify that, because the bulls were “truly rank.” In our opinion, the most-talented riders couldn’t qualify on most of those bulls.

It’s not that we don’t like to see championship livestock be the winners, but our concern is that there aren’t any cowboys who will even try to ride them.

No shortage of entries in the team roping and barrel racing events that drew quality contestants from throughout the country.  But, when riders were asked to “cowboy-up,” nobody showed.

However, there were lots of big hats and snazzy boots on the large crowd of spectators who filled the parking lot with high-dollar pickups, Evidently, they are all “drugstore cowboys.”

While we never “won the prize” at the rodeos, it wasn’t because we were afraid to get down in the chute and rode every one until the gate opened.  We had the desire and heart, but no ability: “not cowboy enough.”

Our adrenalin stills flows to “crawl on,” but that’s definitely not the case with most cowboys four decades younger.

Today’s generation is obviously different. It truly concerns us about the future of “our sport.”

Certainly, there’s “no pain,” but likewise, “go gain.” One must “get on in order to win.”

Reminds us of Ezekiel 24:20: “It’s the delight of your life, your heart’s desire,” accompanied by First Chronicles 26:26: “men of courage.”

Even though, Luke 13:24: “You will try and will not be able.” Yet, Judges 6:39: “I want to try another time,” and Job 10:13: “I try to make the best of it, try to brave it out.”