Repair Can Bring Old Back Again

That little band of gold is once more on the left ring finger.

After four decades, it was strange not being there. Unconsciously, we’d feel for our wedding ring, and our heart would stop beating when it wasn’t there, until we remembered we’d taken the relic-piece for repair.

Some married couples don’t wear rings, and others one partner does, but not the mate. Our belief has always been that both should, and we have. That is until they are lost or need repair.

It was just a few weeks after we were married, going to college during the day and feeding the cows at night, when we came in after dark and realized the then-still-almost-new ring wasn’t on our finger. Of course, tracing steps in 10 acres to find the lost treasure was to no avail.

Forty years later, we often think about that ring when we ride our horse across the west pasture. Certainly, the ring hasn’t grown, nor been found.

Fortunately, we convinced the Other-half to get us a replacement, including the personal inscription. Then, we only had it off twice, until a doctor cut the ring, because there was no other way to remove it, since our finger was so swollen due to a thrice-broken-arm from getting bucked off.

The ring was welded back together, and one of the two tiny diamonds replaced that had come out and lost a long time before due to wear-and-tear of a cowboy’s life.

However, the repair-soldering-job was about like we’d done it: not very professional. The now-already-getting-old ring was still quite thin, and after only a few years broke in two where it’d been fixed. The ring then resembled those we got out of the gumball machine as a kid.

Being the tightwad we are, the broken-ring was worn that way for several months. But, it kept getting caught on everything, and finally our finger and hand almost got injured. So, we gave in to mending.

Now, it’s back on the left-hand finger even if repairs cost more than when She bought the ring new.

Reminds us of Amos 9:11: “I’ll repair and fix it up like new.” As Genesis 43:21: “Now we have brought it back again.” So, Song Of Solomon 8:6: “Wear the ring on your finger. Love is invincible.”