Reliving Good Ole Days Enlightening

Everybody sure looked old.

They have potbellies, glasses, hearing aids, humpbacks, gray hair or no hair, and seem to shuffle as they walked.

Golly, we almost didn’t even recognize them.

It’s been awhile since we’d been together, and they’ve changed in appearance. Well, let’s see, it was 40 years ago when we were on the judging team, and that was the last time we’d seen some of them. Seems like just the other day. Where does time go?

Surely we don’t look as old and decrepit as those teammates. Several didn’t know us either, so maybe we look a little different, too.

Good thing about it, we were still able to come, and there was even a large group that is older than we are.

Several teams had members dating back into the early 1950’s, all the way through this year’s teams, in attendance at the K-State Judging Teams Reunion.

Reunions were a dreaded time when we were a kid and Mom forced us to attend. Now, they’re an anticipated gathering of old comrades to reminisce all of the good times we shared and catch up on everything that has happened since.

During training for major university judging contests, teammates spent considerable time together in workouts and traveling, compiling into more than a year of one’s life. Camaraderie develops that is unending.

Everyone knows as about as much about another as they do about themselves. Teammates become a family of friends, so the annual get-together is much like a family reunion.

While coaches took on superior-guiding roles, similar to parents, during judging training, their friendship-support remains unwavering. Yet, each garners utmost respect and appreciation for their important part in our life.

Of the four main-coaches we trained under during our college-judging career, three were in attendance to relive the good ole days up to now. One has gone to the Great Beyond, and our heartfelt feelings for his lifetime influence, as for the others they were sensed throughout the evening and since.

Reminds us of Psalm 112:9: “They share freely and give generously; their good deeds will be remembered forever. They will have influence and honor.”

Likewise, Philippians 1:22: “As long as I’m alive in this body, there is good work for me to do. You can look forward to a great reunion when I come visit again.”