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Antique Tractor Show Set For Spring Opening Of Alta Vista’s Ag Heritage Park

It’ll be spring crank up time while stepping back in time.

That’s the Antique & New Tractor Show Saturday, April 21, at the Ag Heritage Park in Alta Vista.

“We welcome all tractors, antique or new, for the show to ‘crank up’ the spring season of visitors to the park,” invited Connie Larson, chairman of the board for the collection of memorabilia commemorating early agriculture life in rural America.

“Individuals, clubs, and dealers are all welcome to display tractors as well as other equipment and engines,” Larson said. “No pre-registration or fees are required to participate or attend. Everybody is invited to come view the displays.”

The park is scheduled to be open from 8 a.m., to 7 p.m., with the show planned from 10 a.m., to 5 p.m.

Lunch and drinks will be available, with free lunch for exhibitors.

A biscuits and gravy meal is planned by the Alta Vista Chamber of Commerce in downtown Alta Vista, and garage sales are also scheduled throughout the community, with maps available.

“Besides viewing tractors in the show, visitors can ‘step back in time’ and inspect the 40 tractors, ranging from 1918 through 1960, which are permanently displayed in the park,” Larson noted. “There is also a large display of horse drawn equipment.”

Ag Heritage Park, at 103 South Main in Alta Vista, is the compilation of Everett and Hazel Zimmerman’s efforts to collect memorabilia that commemorate agriculture life.

The couple came by this passion naturally as both were born and raised on the farm. They continued in agriculture through their married life, raising their three children on a diversified family farm including a dairy and feedlot.

When Everett Zimmerman slowed down in his lifelong farming program, he began visiting area farmers and attending farm auctions all over the state, acquiring an extraordinary display of a wide variety of farm equipment from the 1800’s into the mid-1960’s.

Hazel Zimmerman shared the passion of collecting memorabilia that portrays early agriculture life, and, as the collection grew, their ambition expanded to display a more complete rendition of farm heritage.

After Everett’s passing, Hazel has continued collecting memorabilia and caring for the park.

Now, Mrs. Zimmerman and her children, Connie Larson, Calvin Zimmerman, Kirby Zimmerman, and a grandson, Matt Easton, serve as the board of directors managing park operations.

The collection includes a two-room farm home, a log cabin, and a one-room school house, all from the 1885 era. Two museum buildings house hundreds of items that portray historic agriculture life from machinery to many household items.

Information about the tractor show, on April 21, is available by contacting Kirby Zimmerman at 620-767-2714, or Chase Kesl at 785-207-0875.

Visits or tours of Ag Heritage Park can be scheduled by contacting Hazel Zimmerman, who serves as secretary-treasurer of the board, at 620-767-2715.

An admission donation is requested for park upkeep and maintenance. Ag Heritage Park sponsorships are also available, with annual donors, recognized in a prominent display.

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