Duty To Assist Tragedy-Stricken

“Who will be next?”

That’s the question frequented on peoples’ lips. “It only happens to somebody else” philosophy prevails until disaster hits home, or close-friends, then there’s no denying vulnerability is without bounds.

“Way-out-west” at Greensburg was a “sad-talking-point” to all, followed by Nature’s Toll in Reading, but a forced-reminder through Harveyville made the impaction.

As terrible as each of these tragedies, and others less-locally-notable, the “beautiful- outcome,” although to everyone involved there can be none, is the raising of hands-to-help.

Within seconds of reports that tornados had done severe damage, efforts arose from “out-of-nowhere” to assist in every way.

Appreciation for that has been repeatedly expressed by Harveyville Mayor Dustin Kuntz, and leaders of other stricken-communities, yet when shock of grief and destruction becomes inwardly-admitted, it’s still incomprehensible. Moreover, there’s seemingly-unending tasks to be attended, as life will never be as before.

Understanding that, broad-scale-efforts continue to help the in-need. While our personal-prejudice, cowboys have truly always been at the forefront to help when another is down-and-out or semblance there-of. Flint Hills cowboys have dedicatedly-assisted the ranching communities of Reading and Harveyville.

Doc Hinck Band
Doc Hinck Band

Lead singer and 2008 champion bull rider Doc Hinck, Harveyville native, said all proceeds will go to help rebuild the church, which was destroyed by the EF-2 tornado on February 28.Doc Hinck and The Rodeo Drifters, managed by J.D. Stewart, will play a benefit street dance for the Harveyville Methodist Church this Friday, 8 p.m.,  at the Harveyville Fire Station.

The show will be dedicated to Hinck’s former neighbor Rick Slade, who died as a result of the tornado.

“I know we won’t be able to raise nearly enough money to rebuild the church, but every little bit helps. We hope that ya’ll come join us and help us make a difference for the citizens of Harveyville,” Hinck welcomed

Additionally, a “Youth and Disabled Turkey Hunt” has been set April 7-8, at Turkey Creek Outfitters, also operated by Hinck, to benefit the rebuilding effort.

Information is available by calling 785-207-0925, or 620-875-0284; on Facebook; and by e-mail:dochinckandtherodeodrifters@yahoo.com.

Reminds us of Second Corinthians 8:14:  “Right now you have plenty and can help those who are in need. Later, they will have plenty and can share with you when you need it.” Fortunately, Acts 20:35: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”