Nothing Is Ever Like Before

“That will never be the same.”

Perhaps, “there’s nothing new under the sun,” and “history repeats itself.”

But, two things are never precisely duplicated. Our fence will never be like it was the day completed.

The old fence and timber to the north had been destination of vehicles coming from the east too fast, not seeing the stop sign, crossing the major highway, and finally landing at a standstill trapped by trees, brush, wire, posts, and whatever-else natural habitat.

Human life has been lost from such escapades of the past, and vehicles every time were virtually destroyed, and difficult to retrieve.

The “writing was on the wall,” so to speak, that somebody was going to crash our new fence.

Special effort had gone into this project, having a never-used roadway declared abandoned so timber and old-fence could be removed. Construction of the new pasture boundary, in our prejudiced-opinion, was the best we’d ever seen. Others frequently commented about the quality as well.

It stood proud for more than a year, with our approving-nod every time we’d go by. Then, like when previous crashes occurred, in the middle of the night, somebody had their pedal-to-the-metal, hell-bound for destination, ran the order-to-halt, blasted across the highway and made what had been one-of-the-strongest fences imaginable into a tangled mess of wire and steel.

Fortunately, driver and accompanying three occupants did not receive life-threatening injuries, but again the vehicle was far worse after the ordeal having to be towed away.

Whether the driver was dozing, inebriated, daydreaming, or whatever, it happened.  Some people predicted if there was such an occurrence, striking that heavy-steel, corner-post construction would be deadly, but luckily it gave way to prevent serious injury to destructors.

Such a crash was inevitable, and stringent efforts had been made with the highway departments to increase signage, post blinking-lights, barriers, or something to prevent another demolition.

Obviously, pleadings were to no avail. Now, we’ll petition once more, with further justification for our cause.

Yes, the fence will be repaired, and supposedly, the at-fault will be liable for cost. Never will the completed replacement be as good as the original. History of such fence-rehabilitation in the past proves that true.

Reminds us of Ezekiel 7:10: “Nothing will ever be the same again.” Fortunately, First Chronicles 16:34: “His mercy endureth forever.”