There’s Still No Place Like Home

“Of all the things we don’t want to do, that’s one of them.”

Without reservation, we refused an opportunity to attend another activity.

Made us think about how people scamper here, there, and back again, always in turmoil.

Do they really need to be hustling and bustling around all of the time?

No question about fulfilling our obligations, but we can’t help but wonder about all of the other scurrying that many think makes them happier. Are they?

What we don’t want to do far outweighs our desire for more busyness.

Admittedly, that probably changes with maturity. In younger years, hurrying around all of the time isn’t work, it’s recreation anticipated and appreciated.

Once that lifestyle becomes part of the body’s system, with some, it never changes. They’re always wanting to plan another excursion, if just for the reason not ever to be home, except at bedtime, and often not then.

Many seem to be on the prowl searching for something they think will make their life more what they expect from it.

When financial obligations are met, family is healthy, body is clothed, food is on the table in the house that is our home with a bed and essential-room, we have all we really need on this earth.

All of the rest is “self-ego” satisfaction. Many people spend considerable time making sure they’re “doing something,” whether attending an athletic function, a program, or, what seems the biggest deal of all, going “out to eat.”

Having gone “out to eat” in every establishment imaginable from the highest-class to the greasiest-spoon all over the country, there’s nothing better than eating at our own kitchen table.

Okay; we have “self-ego,” too. We like to ride our horse, write stories, pray, and go to church, as odd as it might seem to many. Bad: we like to lay around too much, and eat too much, proven by the belt-notch, and paunch.

What else is there? “Whatever the Lord tells us to do.” If we’re smart enough to hear the orders, we’ll try. That’s plenty for us.  The world would be better, if everybody ran around less.

Reminds us of Proverbs 13:7: “A plain and simple life is a full life.”  Fortunately, Ruth 3:1: “I arranged a good home for you, so you can have a happy life.”