The Smile

It will make all the troubles go away.

That may not be completely true, but those who smile do always feel better.

Everyone around them is more positive as well.

When a person is in a pleasant mood, the atmosphere improves for those nearby.

Some have commented about us frequently having a grin on our face, and a dozen annual school photographs must be verification. Evidently inherited because Mom always flashed a broad smile.

Makes us remember “Smiley,” the nickname for one of our classmates because he was smiling whatever the situation.

One of the most pleasant and friendliest people we’ve known passed away recently and was appropriately pictured on the funeral memorial with his toothiest trademark beam. Just the thought of him made us and others happy.

It was even recognized that despite long illness, his smile never failed, and on his deathbed with family gathered around, the glow still didn’t fad.

According to the eulogist, that lifetime trait, so appreciated by all who knew him, was continuing in his anticipation of the same and better in the hereafter.

A smile has to be the most contagious action one can have and make.  When one smiles, the world smiles. There is a positive multiplying effect.

Most enticing people have a congenial warm expression of happiness, and a broad, toothy grin further adds to the delightful charm, which translates into a friendly attitude of every endeavor.

The glow in their eyes makes a positive and enticing charisma.  We can’t even imagine them without that seemingly magical mesmerism.

Those with a forever-congenial outlook always attract friends from every place. No matter their walk in life, they are a comrade to all.

Even when ill, that outward glow continues. No matter how bad they feel, their pleasant optimism seems to keep those around them positive too.

Smiling is good for our inside, outside, and the world around us.

Reminds us of Son of Solomon 6:4: “Your smile is generous and full, expressive and strong and clean.” Consequently, Isaiah 60:1: “When you see them coming, you’ll smile, big smiles.”

Thus, Romans 12:6: “Keep a smile on your face.” Therefore, the directions in Ephesians 6:5: “And work with a smile on your face, always keeping in mind that no matter who happens to be giving the orders, you’re really serving God.”