Compensation For Home Intruder

“Don’t fall over the chair on its side fencing that calf in the mud room.”

There should have been a kitchen table note to that effect.

But, there wasn’t. Yet, the room light was on, so we saw the chair, and the calf wrapped up in what used to be our bed blankets

The black fuzzy baby looked quite warm and cozy as she rolled her bright eyes at us, as if wondering “Why’s somebody intruding my place?”

Then, deciding there was no danger from the old cowboy, the little, yet hulk-appearing bovine, actually semblance to a big teddy bear, softly bellowed what seemed a “How do you do.”

Baby calves in the kitchen aren’t that uncommon at farm-ranch homes this time of year. Or, in the pickup seat, tractor cab, or sometimes yet even the front of a saddle as cow managers do their best to help newborns during severe winter weather.

When temperatures dip into the single digits, and wind chills approach below zero, it’s a baby’s rude arrival from momma’s warm innards to the cold world, even in a windbreak protected draw.

Add in snowflakes, drizzle, or even worse, landing in a mud hole, creek or pond, if there’s slack mothering instinct, and baby stress expands rapidly.

Just a few minutes out of the cold is often all it takes to get a young one warmed up a bit, back with momma, and everything’s fine. Others, an overnight stay inside, then a few hours back on momma with element protection, is required before going to pasture.

When we got home, the barn crew had our house guest moved outside and assured us momma and baby were a happy, healthy pair, especially considering the frigid fragile kickoff.

Whatever added effort provided calves on the first day is sure worth it at weaning in a few months, especially nowadays with record market prices.

Reminds us of Romans 16:2: “Help her in whatever matter she may require assistance. ” Because, Jeremiah 36:22: “Now it was the ninth month, and in the winter house, a fire was burning warm.” So, Exodus15:12: “You stretched out your hand and guided them under your protection to your holy pasture.” Thus, John 4:36: “He who helps another gets his reward.” And, Genesis 15:1: “Your compensation shall be exceedingly great.”