Most Appreciative Of All

“Thank you.”

Importance of those two words can’t be stressed enough. And, we’ve raved about that in the past, seemingly to no avail, because we don’t hear it said any more frequently,  wherever we are.

But, with Thanksgiving Day this week, the important words come to our mind again. As the seasons slip upon us, we don’t comment like some might think we should. Yet, there are no holidays, or seasons, that have missed our review, at some point.

So, instead of traditional stuff (no pun intended) that dominate others’ commentaries this week, we wish to pose questions we were asked recently.

What is the most important word? What are the two most important words?

Perhaps, one would respond: “Love.”  Or, “Thank you.”

However, the inquiry has been another stumbling block for this old decrepit cowboy, and we’ve pondered it diligently.

The most important word we have concluded  is “faith.”

Some logically claim the most significant is “God,” and we will not debate that, except to contend that “faith” is conclusive.

Others claim “eternity” is the most noteworthy, but time continues with or without us. Then, another might argue “heaven,” or “hell,” are most meaningful.

To us, “faith” is encompassing. Through faith, our God will get us to heaven for eternity.

Second most important word, to us, has to be “health.”

Food in our stomach, clothes on our back and roof over our head remain essential. But, they are unnecessary without a healthy mind and spirit.

Like somebody said, “I have always been crazy in order to keep from going insane.”

And, we might fit that category, but we want to be able to know what we’re doing right up to when He takes us away.

Physical handicaps, as harsh as they might be, are insignificant compared to not being of sound mind, in our opinion.

And, on the opposite realm, all of life’s great luxuries, one of great affluence can have and boast, are really worthless without “faith” and “ health.”

That’s our conclusion, and we’re stickin’ to it. Thank you.

Reminds us of  Proverbs 13:17: “We must be thankful for our faith and our health.” Important too, Luke 17:19: “Your faith has restored you to health.” Yet, essential is Psalm 100:43: “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise.”