Apparent Affluence Just Isn’t Enough

There’s never anything left.

Incomprehensible, the amount of money one handles these days, compared to as recent as just a decade ago.

Even with cattle and grain prices at such skyrocketing levels, when the bills have been paid, one is broke.

Four decades we’ve watched co-workers who live from paycheck to the next payday. They’re always without cash flow, and now we feel the same.

Hourly wages for low-level laborers, let alone highly-skilled technicians, completely boggles our mind. Early in our working career, we received in a week what some today get for an hour.

Never can we forget Dad talking about receiving wages of a dollar a day and being plum happy to have income period.

Today’s problem really isn’t all that hard to figure out.

As our incomes have shot up, everything else has increased at similar or faster rates.

And, many of these costs are essentials to our survival. Or, at least we think we must have electricity, gasoline, and the like.

Taxes are probably necessary, but everything, we need, use and get, is taxed, sometimes several times. We have no rebuttal, regardless how unfair.

Now, solving the problem is very difficult to figure out.

Economists on all levels are supposed to be finding the solution. However, they seem to just take more of our money, write reports and sometimes big books, and none of it’s done us any good yet.

That reminds us specifically of the financial advisors, who make a living telling others how to handle money. If they knew, why don’t they have any more and live any better than the rest of us?

A person can bypass all luxuries and try to skimp as much as possible on necessities, but rising energy costs, taxation, and essentials like medications for certain people are uncontrollable.

Our parents and grandparents wouldn’t believe how much we take in, and it’d be impossible for them to understand how we are so hard-up. We can’t figure it out either, but that’s the way it is.

Reminds us of Haggai 1:6: “He earneth wages to put into a bag with holes.” Thus, Acts 21:22: “He has no money to pay the expenses.” Yet, all we really ask is Genesis 47:18: “Seed for survival, just enough to live on and keep the farm alive.”