Moisture Will Come In Its Due Time

“It’s going to rain.”

“It always has.”

Those are the two most common remarks we’ve heard whenever the drought is discussed.

Nothing is talked about more these days.

Weather is always in conversation, but it’s become more serious. Our maturity isn’t as great as some, yet more than many, and it’s the driest we remember.

Four decades, we’ve headquartered on this ranch, and ponds are dry that have never been since we’ve lived here.

Others are the lowest we can recall. Certain creeks don’t even have water in deep holes. Reports of springs stopping flow for the first time known are common.

It’s bad in our view.

However, one doesn’t have to go but an hour north, and crops are bin busters.

Acres and acres of corn, soybeansm and even milo are standing in the field as combines buzz by at record speeds on adjoining land being slowed by dumping the grain so often. Pastures remain lush green, and water supplies ample.

But, look in the opposite direction, to the south, and the story is even worse than ours.

The scarier part is that it’s a continuing dilemma. They’ve been dry for an even more extended time.

Several months ago, cowherds were being brought north for dispersal, as feed was shipped in by others attempting to “hold on” for the rain that just will not come.

Yes, it could be tougher than here now.

While it has to rain, according to history, when that happens is not pre-told. Until then, everything must have water. Nothing can live without water.

There’s feed that can be purchased and hauled. There’s still water that can be found, sometimes at a hefty cost, but getting it where needed is another major task.

If financially possible, hauling water becomes physically impossible, or seemingly so, in order to satisfy needs for major numbers of livestock.

Water might be piped in. But, despite being extremely costly, the logistics for such an effort would be so complex to boggle the mind.

Our prayer is for that promised rain, before it becomes so urgent.

Reminds us of First Kings 17:1: “There shall not be rain, but according to My word.” Yet, the promise in Deuteronomy 11:14: “I will give the rain for your land in its season that will yield her increase.”