Forgiveness Promised For Justifiable Blame

“It wasn’t our fault this time.”

That has been the response several times recently as people have asked us why the ranch boss had crutches, wore a brace on Her left leg, and moved at a considerably slower pace than normal.

Admittedly, blame has been on our humped shoulders many times in the past four decades when the most capable, hardest worker on the ranch was set back from her steadfast  operations.

Before hitching day, she was mowing weeds on rough terrain at Frankie’s Miniature Ranch when the machine slipped and ran over her foot, breaking a toe. We take the blame.

Stinky ole Billy with big horns made bruises, a terrible tasting pigging string and an odor that wouldn’t wash off after goat tying practice. We take the blame.

In the rescue race, she was riding Quicksand, and we were on Dennis Good, as our black stallion reached over and bit the calf of her leg causing fright and pain. We take the blame.

Filly was in the middle stall, stretched across the manger and grabbed her by the arm, breaking the skin, again bruising and throbbing. We take the blame.

The same Filly was being prepared to win the grand championship at the county fair and kicked her to the ground to see stars and have a headache for the rest of the evening. We take the blame.

Another goat tying practice, Jetty somehow got her off and came running back into the yard rider-less. We take the blame.

Stupidest thing we ever did: asked her to ride an Appaloosa that we’d had trouble with, then turned out to pasture for a week, and the horse bucked her off on the hard gravel road. We take the blame. And are most sincerely sorry  for that one.

The accident this time occurred when she was coming up the back step and slipped as we’ve done before. But, her knee hit the cement corner at just the right angle to cause damage. “It wasn’t our fault this time.”

Fortunately in all of these ranch-life mishaps, injury hasn’t been any more severe than it was.

Still reminds us of First Chronicles 21:17: “I’m the one at fault.” Therefore, we know Genesis 43:8: “I’m the guilty one; I’ll take all the blame.” Most importantly, Psalm 130:4: “But, there is forgiveness.”