Everybody Appreciates Relaxing Lifestyle

“People and horses, we like ’em both.”

It might be obvious, but we hadn’t really thought much about such until recently.

Several times, we made the comment while giving surrey rides at a 150th anniversary church celebration.

Most of the riders asked about our horse and vehicle. Our enthusiasm must have been quite apparent as we eagerly talked about all aspects of the carriage and its power, but we also were genuinely interested in our passengers.

Many related their own experiences and appreciation for horses. Others just seemed to have an affection for their forefathers’ lifestyle, which the transportation method represented.

There were former-area people from throughout the Midwest in attendance. Each had a unique tie to the church and was anxious to share it.

Instantly, there was a line from very young to very mature wanting to ride, and it never diminished. After almost three hours, our assistant informed us we had to stop for an afternoon worship. He assured those waiting that we’d come back.

Laura Mae, our bay mare, seemed pleased to have the rest, but she was ready to go when re-hooked . Before we could get to the portable steps used to make loading more convenient, there were people waiting.

When it was time to quit after another two-and-a-half hours, several folks were lined up to go once more.

Uncertain how many riders we accommodated or how many times we circled the country cemetery and nearby hay meadow, but it was many dozens.

Initially, we didn’t realize that some of our young friends were enjoying the adventure so much that they’d gone several times. We just couldn’t keep track.

As we headed back to the ranch, there was that sensation of really enjoying and appreciating people and horses.

The common denominator of everyone who rode, without exception, is that the quite,  slow-paced, smooth tour around the beautiful, cool countryside was so much different than the noisy, hurried life of the world.

They came away with a pleasant, relaxed and satisfied feeling. But, our horse was obviously very tired.

Reminds us of First Kings 22:4: “I am as you are, my people as your people, my horses as your horses.”

Likewise, we think of Proverbs 28:1: “Honest people are relaxed and confident.” And, Hebrew 13:5: “Be relaxed with what you have.”