Increase Can Be Bad And Good

Multiplying has its pros and cons.

It’s the same as what some call the domino theory, when after setting a jillion dominoes in a slant formation, one is pushed to fall and all the others follow.

That is the negative aspect of the equation, which we’ve been reminded about since the recent rains. But, there are definitely positives that come from the multiplying effect, too.

Locust trees were cut from a pasture last fall, and now, despite spring chemical application, ample moisture has expanded the populations at least a thousand fold.

Similar situation when a hedge tree is cut and not treated with poison. It will reproduce dozens of branches from one stump.

The story is comparable with red cedars, musk thistles, bindweed, multi-flora rose, buck brush and sericea lespedeza as well as many other invaders that seed themselves.

One landowner decided to mow bindweed as a control method. That only nourished the crop to flourish.

Of course, debts accelerate at a much faster rate if reduction payments are never made, so one pays interest amplified by interest.

Likewise often is true of a horse that bucks us off. If it happens once, there’s high probability of a repeat occurrence.

More important that we talk about positives of multiplying.

Financially, the rich get richer, because their funds just keep adding up.

In the horse training and selling business, we kept getting more customers as previous ones shared our name with others.

As a media consultant, clientele expands when testimonies of those utilizing our services are passed along..

Actually, much of life involves both sides of the equation.

Wrong-doers typically will go off beam again. One who steals, or cheats, once, frequently repeats the act.

Those who do the most good usually keep expanding their generosity. The busiest person is the one to be called if a chore needs done.

One who prays at breakfast soon finds himself praying at other meals, then throughout the day, and much of the time without even thinking.

Reminds us of Genesis 22:17: “That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore.”

Likewise, Hebrews 6:14: “Surely, I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee.”