Unique Is The Way It’s Supposed To Be

People watching must be our favorite pastime.

So much of life these days seems to be “hurry up and wait.” Unless we’re talking on the cell phone, writing notes to our self or praying, we can’t figure out what else to do.

Others appear to always be talking on their phones, checking it for messages or texting. Sending typed phone messages, known as texting, is still beyond our capabilities or desire. But akin to the computer, credit card, e-mail and cell phone, we’ll most likely become a user, possibly by force as with some of the others.

So, our idol time is often spent looking at folks around us. Previously, we got in hot water for commenting about the opposite gender being scantily clad. Hence, we won’t get into that discussion, except to point out considerably less is covered now.

Certainly, few  have second thoughts about their shape anymore. Movie stars and advertising promote the skinny or muscled looks, but there aren’t any of them around.

With more than 160,000 people at the country music festival over four days, we didn’t see one person who fit those images. One coworker analyzed: “Women are supposed to look like women, not little girls,” and that’s a fair opinion, proven true.

Maybe it’s because of our own self-consciousness, or naivety, one thing we noticed is that nearly everyone has somewhat of a potbelly.

Some really do have a big paunch, but no embarrassment is apparent by those carrying them, as they let it all hang out. Hardly any ever heard of girdles and corsets.

However, fads are still around. After one “interesting” outfit is donned, similar fashion will soon appear.

Unintentionally, we must have been the one who stood out from all the rest.

A neatly-shaped hat, long-sleeved, yoked, snap shirt, trophy-buckled belt securing at the waist tight-fitting blue jeans, long enough to cover the boot heels, is our customary wear.

However, it evidently looked strange to others. We received several comments about our clothes??? Plainly, we were the only cowboy there.

Reminds us of Numbers 14:24: “He has a different spirit.” Likewise, First Corinthians 15:39: “You will notice that the variety of bodies is stunning.”

Yet, most importantly, Romans 12:6: “In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things.”