Cool Temperatures Not Always Important

“We decided to stay home with the air conditioner instead.”

That’s the response heard several times when we asked others why they weren’t at a horse show.

Those who thought it was too hot will likely be the same ones who think it’s too cold when the thermometer drops to 32.

Despite all of the conversation about high temperatures and heat-stress warnings, we haven’t noticed it being so hot. Oh, we’ve sweated such that our shirt, tie and much of our sports coat were wet while judging two recent horse shows. It didn’t bother us, even when others made comments about the temperature..

Those who were at the top of our judge’s card never aired a complaint either. Heat is part of going to summer competitions.

However, the weather talk did make us reminisce about warm days.

Air conditioners were non-existent during our early youth. There may have been rich folks over on the west side of town who knew what they were, but we didn’t.

Our grocery store didn’t get central cooling until sometime in the ’60s, and it was the late part of that decade before our home was air cooled.

Before that, front and back vents were opened, and a fan helped circulate natural air flow.

Grandma had a window fan, and another little blower in the kitchen. We remember sitting by them sometimes, but nobody was in front of the air conditioner or even had a foggy what they were.

Cars had windows rolled up and down, and that was their cooling system, too.

Farmers never thought about cabs, but we do remember how happy a friend was when he could afford a canvas umbrella for his tractor.

We can’t drive tractors, but the ones our family operates don’t have umbrellas, cabs or cooled-air yet either.

But, when we bought our new two-seated surrey, we insisted it have a top. We must be getting soft in our old age.

Reminds us of Romans 2:5: “The day is coming when it’s going to blaze hot and high, God’s fiery and righteous judgment.” Yet, we know Nehemiah 7:3: “Do not leave the doors open during the hottest part of the day.” Of course, others like Isaiah 25:1: “Provide a warm, dry place in bad weather, provide a cool place when it’s hot.”