Generally Best To Progress As Planned

“The show must go on.”

Again, that old philosophy was followed when weather threatened cancellation of a cowboy concert for the ranch rodeo anniversary in our old hometown.

Coordinators have often been forced to decide whether to cancel, postpone, delay or alter events due to inclement conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Lots of angles must be considered. Of course, safety has to be of utmost concern. Never should something go on as planned if there can be risk to life or limb in any way.

Yet, sometimes alternatives are the solution. Different than envisioned, the outcome can be fine. Perhaps, even better, depending on the way one views it.

Countless times, we’ve been at horse events far from home, and a major storm came in forcing the committee to decide how to handle changed conditions. They’ve often been postponed and even canceled. Most times, it would have been better to continue.

Other instances, we recall both competing in and judging shows where it was raining so hard we couldn’t see anything. Those events should have been postponed, at the least.

Still, we can’t forget when as a (true) kid, there was practice team roping at the arena every other Thursday. Enthusiasm of us dedicated cowboys never wavered. No matter how heavy the downpour, deep the mud and slick our ropes, we keep roping even when the lights blinked.

Sound system and portable stage was all ready for our recent rodeo entertainment when the weatherman threatened disabling storms. Yet, he kept changing his forecast.

Only logical decision for safety and security, so there would be a show as promised, was to move the high-tech audio equipment inside, instead of the outdoor arena.

Clouds came, temperatures cooled and weather proved ideal for the rodeo with no storms whatsoever.

At its conclusion, the crowd from many miles around moved into a nearby building where a stage had been erected, chairs unfolded and the show went on.

Things were a bit different than planned, but everybody seemed to have a great time.

Reminds us of Deuteronomy 1:29: “God is leading the way. He goes ahead in your travels to show you the way.”

Likewise, Ephesians 5:11: “Christ will show you the light. So watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get.”