Rewards Can Come Most Unexpectedly

“No pain, no gain.”

That’s another often repeated philosophy we’ve generally found true. There are some folks who make no special effort, yet reap many advantages as if a blessing from above. It’s always just the opposite with us.

The viewpoint probably originated with athletic coaches when sports season began, and kids were told to run laps around the track, which they thought was painful, yet were assured it would make them winners.

Never an athlete in any since of the word, we still find the belief to fit us as well.

Whatever we’ve wanted has always required considerable effort and usually compiled into hurting. Pain comes in various forms.

Physical ache as in sore muscles, aching bones and tiredness are the most apparent. But, there can be considerable mental and psychological sting as well from exertion to accomplish a task.

In our horse training career, we’ve found a combination of those pains. While we fall off more than our share, it is actually infrequent.

However, mental stress comes in the concentration and worry no other can sense. Sometimes, it is so consuming the entire day is spent thinking about what that next mount will entail.

Obviously, all of the effort pays off when the goal is accomplished, making it worth the pain whatever level.

On the other hand, there is not always the reward one is aiming toward regardless of the amount of drudgery. Consequently, one is disappointed. There is discouragement, which can lead to depression.

Then, often just the opposite takes affect. A person has no energy, no work ethic of any form and does nothing.

The best policy is to go back, start again and keep trying. Nobody ever got to the top of the mountain by stopping half way. It’s never quite that easy.

However, our firm belief is that pain in effort for gain is never in vain regardless of initial outcome.

What we have our sights on often are not what’s most important. There will be another reward sometime, possibly quite different, but most likely much better than we could have ever dreamed.

Reminds us of Genesis 15:1: “Fear not, your reward shall be exceedingly great.” Likewise, Ruth 2:12: “The Lord recompense you for what you have done, and a full gift be given you by the Lord.”