Short Lives Can Still Leave Positive Influence

“Live life to the fullest.”

That has long been our philosophy. It’s been more than two decades since a funeral, when remembrances of the deceased were requested; we stood up without even realizing it, somehow like a special power forced us, and made that exact statement.

The woman in her nineties had lived her life, despite many hardships, as complete and best anyone might expect, and that showed through in all who knew her.

Often when someone, especially a young person passes away, we are reminded of just how unimportant fame and fortune really are.

Sometimes, we think one had a short life on earth, but it sure encompassed a lot and left a positive influence; a life well lived. Yet, we also reflect they had so much more to give, and we are sorry to miss that.

Still, others haven’t really had an opportunity to live much, at least outwardly apparent to others. So their passing perhaps becomes even more tragic.

Again, we were set back last week when within two days we heard of the passing of two acquaintances. We considered them friends. They made our life better, and each left a positive influence on everyone they knew and society in general.

One, an editor, was only 51, young by today’s standards, and the other, a cowboy, was 89, still young, seemingly as each day we mature.

From different backgrounds and generations, they were each quite unique. Yet they were alike, in so many ways.

Mostly, we appreciated their congenial, serving attitude. We never saw either when they didn’t have a smile and time for pleasant conversation. Their interests were broad and only comparable to their vast knowledge on many subjects.

Sometimes a person isn’t extremely outgoing in their faith, but it was obvious in these two.

Our goal is, and that of everyone should be, to live a life as full and positively influential as they did, despite ever how short it might be. Certainly, their life hereafter promises to be glorious.

Reminds us of Acts 2:28: “Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance.”

Likewise, we think of Second Timothy 3:10: “But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience.”