Concern For Another Essential Even Today

“You go home now, so you don’t get stranded on the highway.”

During recent storms, our bosses have made that congenial and appreciated order to us several times.

On a couple occasions, we’ve even received a call before we left for work: “Don’t come in today. It’s too dangerous to be out in these treacherous weather conditions.”

Once, we did continue to work despite orders to leave, because we had so much that needed to be done. But, there is a definite feeling of worth when employers care about their workers well being.

It is true that the work can be done later. However, we had former employment where it was more essential to management that a task be completed first, whatever the risk, wear and tear on the worker.

Another time after receiving the call to stay home from work, we disobeyed and went anyway. Conditions did improve, but had it been the opposite, we would have been sorry for not paying attention to orders from headquarters.

Of course, being an ornery cowboy, when the direction is “Non-essential employees go home,” we become defensive, despite the courtesy of administration’s intention.

Everybody thinks they are needed, and when somebody insinuates, even in a non-discriminating attitude that the show will go on without them it’s a tiny prick of pain, at least to us.

So, we teasingly argue, “We’re the one who pay the bills. What do you mean, we’re non-essential?”

Our position as a marketing consultant is truly indispensable for survival of any media, whether it’s radio, TV or print.

Although we contend there are co-workers who sometimes forget what we do does pay their wages, that’s a reality. Admittedly, one is as essential as the other.

However, media can not exist without financial support, whether it is through donation or paid advertising.

This important point is often not realized by those who complain about media not doing what is expected. Yet, they do not provide necessary backing.

Concern for one another is too easily forgotten in our fast paced society. Everybody has their own pain to bear and what might seem insignificant to an outsider is real to the one feeling it.

Essential to remember First Corinthians 1:10: “You must learn to be considerate of one another, cultivating a life in common.”