Exercise Perspiration Brings Recovery

Rehabilitation following body repair makes one hurt and sweat.

Yet, exertion is essential to efficient and complete recovery after ailment treatment.

Likewise, failing to follow recommended recovery therapy has lifetime negative, and often untreatable, consequences.

Best proof comes from our personal experience. After we fell off and broke our arm in three places, surgery straightening the arm, inserting a long permanent pen and casting for a time fixed the injury.

Then, our work began. Just walking made us sweat the first day, even though the repair was a long ways from our legs.

But, when we went into the calisthenics clinic and attempted to do what the pretty therapist told us, we were almost incapable. And, oh the pain, while the perspiration rolled like it was 110 degrees, putting hay in the barn loft.

Despite, much more hurt and body secretion, arm movement steadily improved. Today, we forget the injury ever occurred. But, that would not be the case if we hadn’t gone through the agony and sweltering.

Two of our cowboy heroes, training-customers had joint replacements, followed therapy directions, and back in the saddle before long, happy with the results.

One of our favorite uncles, the strongest man we’ve known, had recommended hip surgery. Recovery therapy “hurt,” and he would not do any. He never recovered, and was likely worse than before.

Hot Diggity is recuperating from treatment to his left rear pastern, following a diagnosed life crippling injury from Flint Hills cattle gathering last year.

Being naturally rambunctious, the old spotted gelding must be kept confined in a box stall with only limited but essential exercise daily. Pacification for him is his girlfriend, Go Deena, stalled nearby.

Because we insisted on the treatment, Hot Diggity’s convalescence is our duty. Attempting to follow directions, we’ve been hand walking him about a mile twice every day. Horse seems fine with it, but passersby wonder why we’re not riding. Not long until we will be, and Hot Diggity about as good as new.

Reminds us of Psalm 69:29: “He was hurt and in pain. Give him time for healing, recovery.” But, First Timothy 4:8: “Physical training is useful and of value in everything and in every way, for it promises what is to come.” Then, Proverbs 4:22: “There is healing and health to all their flesh.”