Unlikable Predicaments Sometimes End Positively

A flat tire can be a blessing.

No way, everybody argues. There can never be anything positive about that dreaded situation all automobile drivers have experienced, often at a most inopportune time.

Tires are used until there’s little tread left, and we still try to get one more mile. Just a few weeks ago, we gave in to purchasing four new ones.

Time flies with the (5,000) miles, and the new tires already needed rotation, but typically we’d put off the added cost. When barreling home from a long day on the road, a loud noise accompanied a big bump as the car swerved to the center.

Luckily, there was a farm yard with an accessible driveway not too far away, and we crippled our way into it.. The left front tire was flat, as we suspected, but fortunately only on the bottom side.

As we were taking the little scissor jack and multi-purpose lug wrench out, a gentleman came from the house to offer his services, including a stronger lifting device.

His congeniality was appreciated, but we insisted we could handle the task, and did proceed, despite fumbling.

As the spare was removed from the trunk, it felt a bit soft, but we thought there was surely enough air to limp home on.

When we had all of the nuts retightened and eased the mechanism down, the tire went completely flat. Just about the only thing worst than having a flat tire is a spare that’s flat, too.

The man whose property we were trespassing during the changeover generously noted he had a good tire on a wheel behind the shed we could have if it fit.

Nope, the wrong size, but the fine soul had a compressor which he quickly plugged in and before long had inflated the spare.

Our expressions of appreciation were heartfelt as we insisted the nice fellow accept a token and a stout handshake. Our course, we were still cautious if the tire would stay up until we got home, but it did.

If we had to experience a flat tire, all tribulations involved, we feel blessed, considering how much worse it could have been..

Reminds us of Deuteronomy 23:5: The Lord your God turned the intended curse into a blessing, because the Lord your God loves you.