Old-Fashioned Buttons Might Have Their Benefits

Buttons were made for security.

Although we haven’t done our homework, certainly for centuries, people have used buttons to secure garments.

There have been button-down shirts, skirts, slacks, boots and more. Every size, shape, color and description of button imaginable have been used.

One of our fun times with Grandma, when Mom wouldn’t let us ride our broomstick horse around the grocery store, was looking in her button box. There were hundreds of buttons, and every one could have told a story.

Buttons take time to close and open, so as a clumsy-fingered cowboy we’ve always preferred snap shirts, and zippers on our coats and jeans.

However, snap, button or lace shoes or boots have never been our apparel. Genuine cowboy boots are what we wear.

Yet, it’s so much easier and faster to snap and unsnap our shirt than fumble with a button.  When we want to take our shirt off, we just grab our collars in each hand, pull slightly and our shirt is opened.

Zippers are much easier for opening and closing coats, too. Nevertheless, we have worn out a few button-up jean jackets and pea-coats during our lifetime.

Outerwear seems to outlast zippers. Recently, we’ve had to get new jackets or replace zippers, because they became dysfunctional before their time.

Fad was Levis 101 button-up jeans back in the ’60s, and we had several pair. Then, we figured out Wranglers had zippers, fit better and were what real cowboys wore.

Jeans of denim and different shades are our only leg wear now. However, many years ago, Mom bought us a pair of khaki slacks. We’d never worn them, but they seemed appropriate when we were asked to portray Will Rogers in a community play.

Evidently, we had grown some since she bought the trousers, because just as we were attempting to spin our lariat, the zipper snapped open. Fortunately, the spotlight man quickly shut down the illumination, and we had safety-pin repair.

We had a like situation years ago when we swung behind the saddle as our wife picked us up on her horse during the horse show rescue race.

Buttons may not be convenient, but they provide more security. That reminds us of Proverbs 19:23: Fear of the Lord leads to life, bringing security and protection from harm.